April 1st, 2006


Hi Rick, Here are the totals for the day; not much action after you left.

1 MODO, 1 BCCH, 6 GCKI, 1 NOCA, 1 SOSP, 5 SCJU, for a total of 15, and 18

There was an interesting pair of SOSP’s retrapped. They were originally
banded from the same net, on the same net round, on April 4th 2002. We have
seen them many times, and they made there first appearance for 2006 today.
One is a known male, we have never made a determination on the second. These
SOSP’s are at least 5 years old. (and still travelling as a pair?)



April started out very well with an above average day. Not as good as Friday mainly because the number of sparrows and juncos did not come near Friday’s influx. Still much better than anticipated.
Banded: MODO 2, EAPH 1, BCCH 1, BRCR 1, GCKI 29, AMRO 1, SOSP 6, SCJU 4, AMGO 1 = 46.


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