April 1st – A Slow Day…?

A Big Surprise: Somehow a Florida Scrub Jay – probably a young bird in a bout of adolescent disorientation – found its way to our scrub. A new bird for us….obviously -DOL

This is a funny time of year: you just never know what bird(s) might show up. Young birds, just making their way in the world, sometimes find themselves considerable distances from their typical home range. And so it was this morning. It was ironic, in a way, as a north wind seemed to have curtailed movement by the birds you’d usually expect to see at this date. But then I caught a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye and you can imagine my surprise when I saw this bird from the deep south. It made the rest of the very slow morning worth it.
Banded 8:
5 American Goldfinches
3 Song Sparrows
ET’s: 43 spp.

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