April 23rd, 2022 – Lowville

Today was my first day back at Lowville since last year.  It’s an incredible site with so many birds around, yet somehow they keep evading the plethora of nets set out.  Liam was on observations for the morning and wracked up 43 species for the morning.  Some highlights included: 2 common loons, 1 osprey, 1 broad-winged hawk, a pileated woodpecker, a raven, 2 pine siskins and a bald eagle which missed being added to the list as we saw it on our hike out (I think Liam had already submitted his list, but maybe he should go back and add it in :)).

Liam, Sam, Maggie and Eila were there to run the station and what impressive skills they have gained over the years I’ve known them. Nets were opened, equipment pulled out and set up, and timely net rounds were done.  In between banding and net rounds there was lots of conversation about everything from traumatic bird experiences to fond memories of the banding lab (apparently it smelled of feathers?) and the heaters that were so wonderful on cold mornings like today.  Although the birds were few, the conversation was plentiful and it was exciting to hear of their plans for the summer (some heading to immersion experiences in Quebec and others to bird banding camps in the states) and for their not so distant futures in university and beyond.

Birds Caught:

4 Black-caped chickadees (all recaps)
5 Ruby-crowned kinglets (mix)
1 American Robin (recap)
2 Slate-coloured juncos (at least 1 recap)
1 White-throated sparrow
1 Palm warbler (new)
1 Northern Cardinal (recap)

Total: 15

I kept a list of the birds we caught, but forgot to separate which were recaps and which were new. Something to think of keeping track of next time 🙂

A white-morph White-throated Sparrow with it’s striking plumage.

Ruby-crown Kinglet

Palm Warbler from Liam’s net.

Eila practicing her extracting skills so she can be of assistance to David Brewer when he is out.

Liam ecstatically celebrating the palm warbler in his net. Unfortunately that’s all it caught today…

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  1. They’re certainly an exciting and energizing group to be around. Sounds like stuff is arriving early.

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