April 25th – About Town

What a great shot of this Chipping Sparrow amidst flowering buds. -AG

The physical distancing requirements for dealing with this virus have resulted in a lot of folks staying close to home. But as these pictures will attest: there’s a lot of things to see in your own community – you don’t have to travel long distances.

April has been a brutal month for early migrants – for migrants generally. And storms in the American southeast have been holding things up as well. But…..I think we’re about to see the dam burst and these pictures will show a wide variety of birds.

Thanks to everyone that have sent me photos of their sightings over the past few days. I am going to try to organize them according to general habitats.

Running and open Water:

Horned Grebe in full breeding (or alternate) plumage. -AG

Male Lesser Scaup. -AG

Trumpeter Swan – complete with wing tag. -AG

Caspian Tern. -CR

Just 28 out of a flock of 61 Double-crested Cormorants over Caledonia, heading north. -KMP

Male Northern Shoveller. -MMG

Great Blue Heron on the prowl. -MMG

Mink seem to be more common in southern Ontario these days. Is it because mink coats have fallen out of fashion? -AG

Fields and meadows:

Tree Swallows taking ownership. -MMG

A swallow box makes a great hunting perch for this American Kestrel. -MMG

Swallow boxes also make great singing perches for grassland/meadow birds – like this Savannah Sparrow. -MMG

Savannah Sparrow. -WF

Tree Swallow taking ownership of a nesting box. -AG


Male Downy Woodpecker. -MMG

Goldfinches hitting the feeder. The males are getting really bright! -LET

Male Northern Cardinal checking out Karen’s backyard. -KMP

Pair of American Goldfinches at the backyard feeder. -CR

A pair of Northern Cardinals at the feeder. -AG

Common Grackle giving the owl some attitude. -LET

Forest and scrub:

Song Sparrow. -AG

Dog-tooth Violet. Yellow is their common colour but many of the ones at Ruthven are white. -MMG

Trillium – the Ontario floral emblem. -MMG

Male (black moustache) Northern Flicker in sumac. -MMG

Great shot of a male Ruby-crowned Kinglet. -MMG

A very handsome Song Sparrow. -MMG


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