April 26th, 2006


It was a pretty morning, frost outlining every twig and leaf. The nets were a bit frosty, but didn’t open too badly, and for the most part stayed where put on the frosty poles.

By mid morning Turkey Vultures were having a great time playing on the wind. But I think they were the only ones enjoying it. I for one gave it a big thumbs down!

The river is quite high, and really fast flowing. There were virtually no birds on the river on census. No ducks, no CAGO, no swallows, no BEKI no GBHE. No warblers were seen or heard today either. The strong wind really hampers the net capture rate as well, so all in all the day was quiet.

Brian had some excitement in Hill House this morning though. He banded a EUST that had found it’s way into the chimney, and was trapped there.

I collected ticks from 2 birds this morning, a SCJU, and a RCKI.

It was nice to have a visit from Irene Schmidt, who drives down from Cambridge to see the birds. She promises to attend our Banding Open House, May the 13. It will also be Irene’s 86th birthday!!

Today we banded 16 birds, 2 RCKI, 1 AMRO, 1 EUST, 2 CHSP, 1 SCJU, 3 WTSP, 1 RWBL, 1 PUFI, and 4 AMGO.

We were revisited by 9: 1 RCKI, 1 AMRO, 1 NOCA, 1 SOSP, 2 WTSP, 1 PUFI, and 2 AMGO.



A frosty cold morning to start. The winds came up mid morning resulting in some nets blowing a bit.

Still managed to band: MODO 2, TRES 1, RCKI 4, AMRO 1, SOSP 1. WTSP 4, SCJU 1, RWBL 2 = 18


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