April 28th, 2006


A cold, clear morning at Ruthven with frost much in evidence. The first COLO flew over at 0505 followed by a clump/group/flock/herd/shoal? of 8 at 0515. What is a grouping of loons called anyway? I think a parliament of loons sounds appropriate, but some might say we already have one….

A few new migrants around. Rick found the first YWAR of the season along the river flats during census, and a RSHA made a quick fly-over just before noon.

One of the KILL has taken to perching on the roof of the bathrooms which looks oddly wrong.

Banded 29: AMGO 17, RCKI 4, CHSP, PUFI, WTSP, AMRO, EUST, BLJA, YSFL 2 (both of the subspecies earsplittingracketus)

Retrapped 11: AMGO 6, DOWO 2, SOSP 2, BLJA



Nice weather = no birds. Today was no exception.

Banded: HOWR 1, RCKI 2, AMRO 1, WPWA 1, SAVS 1, WTSP 1, RWBL 1 = 9

The LALO spring flight has started. Had a group of 5 go right over the banding site, all bright coloured males. Heard others.


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