April 2nd – Between the rain.

Yesterday, the first “official” day of Spring banding at Ruthven was pretty well a wash out although Loretta briefly braved the elements and ended up banding 1 American Robin. Tomorrow they are calling for heavy rain. So….today was the day….and it was. There was a lot of bird movement through and about Ruthven this morning. Lots of Dark-eyed Juncos about (I estimated at least 50); a wave of Golden-crowned Kinglets; a flock of Tundra Swans; 4 Sandhill Cranes – 3 climbing thermals and heading west, 1 coasting east; the first Fox Sparrows and Winter Wren of the season; singing White-throated Sparrows. There were even swarms of midges taking advantage of the high temperatures and 2 butterflies: a Comma and a Mourning Cloak. The background music for the day was provided by Chorus Frogs. It was a very Spring day.

Banded 47:

  • 1 Mourning Dove
  • 1 Blue Jay
  • 1 Winter Wren
  • 9 Golden-crowned Kinglets
  • 2 American Robins
  • 2 American Tree Sparrows
  • 2 Fox Sparrows
  • 20 Dark-eyed Juncos
  • 2 Pine Siskins
  • 7 American Goldfinches

Retrapped 17:

  • 2 Downy Woodpeckers
  • 1 Black-capped Chickadees
  • 2 American Tree Sparrows
  • 6 Song Sparrows
  • 2 White-throated Sparrows
  • 7 Dark-eyed Juncos

ET’s:   43 spp.


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