August 23rd – An Experiment


Great shot of a hunting Black-crowned Night Heron. -MMG

My laptop was quite a good one…..when I bought it about 12 years ago. It did all kinds of things and saved all kinds of files. But I noticed that over the years it began to slow down and then slow down even more. [Evidently aging can do that. Who knew!?] And it was sort of finicky; e.g., although I could whip off a blog complete with pictures when I was at home, I couldn’t do it away from home. So I’d have to wait, build up material, and do my thing when I returned.

Well enough of that says I and I sought expert advice. And then I talked that advisor into picking out a good laptop for me and programming it with the stuff she thought I might need. And she did…..Presto! It was that easy!

So right now, I’m in a little motel in New Brunswick in Perth-Andover and I’m actually doing up a blog….complete with pictures. HUZZAH!!! I am moving (or have been moved) into the New Age.

A very young American Robin. Possibly the progeny of a third brood…. -MMG

We had a young robin just like this one that was hanging around our back deck waiting for the Baltimore Orioles to drop cherries from the jam feeder. The robin would whip in an swallow it whole.

A young Gray Catbird. -MMG

An adult (note the red eye – juvenile irises are brown) Red-eyed Vireo. This one was foraging in a family group of 4 birds. -MMG

Seems to be lots of caterpillars around this year, which is good for this Black-billed Cuckoo. – RdeB


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  1. Have a great stay in NB Rick, are you heading to Grand Manan? Will miss banding this year, hopefully see you in the spring – Kelly-Sue

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