Final Days of Fall Banding – Glancaster

The wind was quite strong this past weekend, which often means some nets just can’t be opened or have to be closed as the winds pick up. I don’t recall the winds being quite this strong last year, but it’s made me rethink some of the net locations I have as the property I’m using begins to open up a bit with the anticipated construction on my neighbours new house.  The initial locations near the hedgerows have turned out some pretty good numbers and interesting birds, but I’d like to tap into a bit more of the in-between areas of the deciduous/field/marsh area and the evergreen/field/marsh area and in doing so, get a little more wind protection as well.

While the winds slowed down the number of nets opened and the number of birds in the nets, it was a perfect pace for the visitors who came out.  Aliya brought her dad and brother with her and I credit both Rayaan and his dad for attracting the Eastern Bluebird into the net as they were both dressed in blue from head to toe!  I’ve been hearing bluebirds in the area for quite a while and have been wondering if they were just passing through or were spending a bit more time hanging around.  Apparently they have been looking for some good roosting spots as they were observed inspecting the bird house used earlier this year by a pair or bluebirds in the garden down the road, as well as inspecting the 3 tree swallow boxes we have in our own backyard.  It’ll be interesting to see if they stay around the next few months.

All in all, it was a great morning.  Aliya was able to band her first Eastern Bluebird and Rayaan was able to do a lot of off-roading with his specially designed rig, joining us as we checked the nets throughout the morning.

Aliya with her first Eastern Bluebird.

Rayaan helping to release the Bluebird. Note his blue outfit 🙂

This was an American Tree Sparrow I caught on my last round Sunday morning. I thought it was a recapture from last week but turns out it was a recapture from January! I had banded it at my feeder net last January and it has made its way back south again. This time it was caught down the road near the hedgerows.

November 5 & 6th
Black-capped Chickadee – 2
Slate-coloured Junco – 5
Eastern Bluebird – 1
Song Sparrow – 1
American Robin – 1

Black-capped Chickadee – 4
Song Sparrow – 1
American Tree Sparrow – 1
House Finch – 1
Hairy Woodpecker – 1



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