Hello from Leeds!

April 28th was a rainout, so here’s an update from a previous McMaster Biodiversity student, Teegan, who volunteered at Ruthven. Teegan is working on her Master’s degree in Leeds, England.

Some pictures she took in South Africa:

Amur Falcon
AmurFalcon (Large).jpg

White-throated Bee Eater
White-throated Bee-eater.jpg

Carmine Bee Eater
carmine bee-eater.jpg

Green Backed Heron
green-backed heron.JPG


Saddlebill Stork
saddlebill stork.jpg

A Saddle-billed Stork fighting an African Fish Eagle
scene (Large).jpg

The one at the very top is a Lappet faced Vulture
vultures (Large).jpg

Wire-tailed Swallow
wire-tailed swallow.JPG

Woodland Kingfisher
woodland kingfisher.jpg

And, something more local (to her):

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would send out a couple photos of a family of Mistle Thrush that are living on my campus. THey have chosen a very unusual location for a nest. I think its must be a bird’s version of the red-light district. THere are two young, and both adults at the nest everyday on my way to and from school.


Stoplight_2babies (Large).jpgstoplight_baby_2 (Large).jpgstoplight2_b (Large).jpg

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