January 28 – The Adventures of a Luddite

I am in the process of learning (under Caitlin’s tutleage) how to put pictures onto this blog. Please bear with me.. 

Flock of Snow Buntings

photo by Christine Madliger

 Whew! After some finagling and thoughtful dialogue this picture of Snow Buntings arriving to feed made it to the blog. 

Flock of Snow Buntings
Birds congregated around the bait.

 Now we’ll try something different: we’ll try putting an image beside the text. 

And now for something else: 

Christine with a Cooper's Hawk

A very happy bander!

This shot is from the Fall banding season and shows an almost ecstatic Christine Madliger with a Cooper’s Hawk she’s just banded. 

This is going wonderfully well (I should, in fact, listen to Caitlin more often…..) so we’ll try something even more daring:

Svalbard birds 

Dovekies over a fjiord on Svalbard Island, Arctic Norway – my destination this Summer….to study Brunnich’s Murres (Thick-billed Murres) and Dovekies.

3 thoughts on “January 28 – The Adventures of a Luddite

  1. Hi Rick:

    Svalbard Island looks beautiful. It was a fun day. Always a spiritual experience getting so close to wild creatures. Snow Buntings have a new fan.


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