July 13th, 2006


“Decent” days continue at Selkirk.

Banded today: DOWO 1,BCCH 2, AMRO 2, GRCA 6, BRTH 1, CEDW 4, YWAR 4, RBGR 2, SOSP 4, RWBL 1, BHCO 1, AMGO 1 = 29

The Great St. Johnswort is in full bloom. Under the hawthorns a sign of fall is the litter on the ground of newly fallen leaves. The lance leaf goldenrod is coming out into bud. The cone crop on the white pines is rapidly maturing with the heavy ladden branches hanging down. The maturing crop this year in Selkirk should run into 1000’s of cones. There appears to be a good number of little pine cones formed on some trees that will be next year’s cone crop. White pines cones in case you are not aware of it take 2 years to mature. The young cones overwinter as small dark minature cones in this year’s growth.


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