July 14th, 2006


Spent a few hours banding this morning before the heat of the day got to a point that birds in the nets would be stressed if there for any length of time. Seem to be lots of birds in “family groups” – an adult with at least one or two. Orioles were especially conspicuous – there were two groupings of Orchard Orioles; 4 or 5 young making begging calls around an adult. Same with several groupings of Baltimore (Norhtern) Orioles. Young Song Sparrows are also accompanied by an adult – I netted one young bird and while I was extracting it an adult flew into the net close by anxious at its distress calls. Young Yellow Warblers seem to be on their own now though.

Banded 18: 1 DOWO, 3 BCCH, 1 AMRO, 2 GRCA, 5 YWAR, 1 NOCA, 3 SOSP, 2 AMGO.

Retrapped 2: 1 SOSP, 1 AMGO.



New birds continue to move through Selkirk every morning. Again another decent day. I forgot to bring home the log book but from memory the following are the birds banded (at least the total is correct)

Banded: MODO 1, DOWO 1, LEFL 1, EAPH 1, BCCH 2, AMRO 3, WAVI 2, YWAR 5, COYE 1, NOCA 1, RBGR 1, SOSP 3, SWSP 1,BHCO 1, AMGO 1 = 25


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