July 17th, 2006


An interesting day at Selkirk. A cool breeze off the lake kept the banding area down in the mid to high 20’s c. not the 30+’s recorded elsewhere. (32oC = approx. 90oF).New birds continue to appear daily in the banding area. While some are certinally post breeding dispersals others like the YWAR’s certainly are on the go. By about the end of July, which is not that far away, around 90% of the YWAR will be gone from Selkirk. I have seen at least one fall that I did not catch a YWAR to band in Selkirk after July 31st. This is going to be a bumper crop of white pine cones in Selkirk. Some pines are loaded and I guess that 1000’s (10,000+?) will be falling this fall in and around the banding area. Also, I note that there is a good mirror crop of young cones forming that should produce a good crop next summer. Not the 1000’s of this summer but certainally 100’s. This did not occur a few years ago when the last bumper crop occurred. For the past 3-4 years the pine crop production in Selkirk has been next to none. Maybe a dozen cones in 2005.

Banding wise a decent day for mid July, banded: GCFL 1, BCCH 4, WBNU 1, WOTH 1, AMRO 2, GRCA 3, CEDW 1, WAVI 1, YWAR 6, COYE 2, RBGR 2, BAOR 2 = 26

FTD 253


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