July 22nd, 2006


It was threatening to rain at opening and began to do so while I was engaged in the census. As it was warm and the rain was light I decided to leave the nets open. I had a busy morning as there were a lot of birds around – mostly young birds begging from parents or, as in the case of Yellow Warblers, just moving through. There were a lot of Yellow Warblers around – banded 22 of them, all HY birds (Hatch Year or young). There was a lot of variety as well – 19 species banded.

Banded 47: 1 MODO, 1 YBCU, 2 DOWO, 1 EAWP, 2 BCCH, 1 BGGN, 1 AMRO, 3 GRCA, 1 BRTH,1 CEDW, 22 YWAR, 1 RBGR, 1 INBU, 1 SOSP, 1 COGR, 1 BHCO, 4 BAOR, 1 HOFI, 1 AMGO.

Retrapped 12: 3 DOWO, 4 BCCH, 1 YWAR, 2 RBGR, 2 AMGO.

66% of the birds netted today were from #2. A significant number of them were not “feeder birds”. I think that they are attracted to the area by the activity of the birds that are using the feeders there. Sort of a giant “mixed species flock”(s) centered on the feeders.


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