March 29th – 3 firsts for the year

Despite the cold temperatures, the sun has been eating up the snow cover leaving big open patches in the fields. Also, the river is wide open absorbing energy and giving off heat. I would imagine that insects that have an aquatic phase – like midges – will soon be emerging to form their mating swarms. And so must the Tree Swallows. I saw the first 2 of the season today over the river. Brave little souls. Also new for the year was a male Golden-crowned Kinglet (which we banded) and at least 8 Wood Ducks. It will be interesting to see what this warm front brings in with it over the next several days.


Click thumbnails for a larger image.

The first Golden Crowned Kinglet of the year, an ASY male.

Apparently, this guy had a tough winter.

The stream in the valley behind net lane #10.

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