May 14th- Global Big Day

The 1st shot of the Hepatic Tanager (much more definitive ones, confirming the identity, have since been taken.

Ben (left) and Markus – finders of the first Ontario Hepatic Tanager (and only 3rd in Canada)..

I like to put “pressure” on our growing group of young ornithologists to “be all they can be”. Writing up a blog post is just part of this learning curve. Doing it in a timely fashion is also a part of it. Maggie, as you can easily see below, did a great job! And the only reason you didn’t see this last night was because of my lacking technological skills that required her to resend the pictures in a different format. I really like her…..tongue in cheek….approach!
Today was Global Big Day. All over the world, birders are counting the number of
species they see in an international census. Like Ben, who saw the province’s
first ever hepatic tanager (it was only the third spotted in all of North America!)
With twenty three banded and two recaps, in 17 species, we didn’t have big
numbers. We did have, however, lots of visitors. Everleigh, Kai, and Denika
joined us today, learnt about handling birds, and ate baked goods (This is your
reminder to bring food when you go banding, I can’t feed us alone) After a very
successful first net run, things slowed down a bit, but we continued to have good
variety. I both saw and banded my first tanager, saw a gray cheeked thrush, and
heard my first northern parula. We played around with Merlin, a bird app that can
identify bird calls with….decent accuracy? Doubt crept in when it identified a
Willet, a migratory shorebird that frequents mudflats and rocky beaches.
Fortunately, we weren’t relying on Merlin to id our birds.

Banded: 23
House Wren-1
Gray Catbird-3

Gray-cheeked Thrush

Gray-cheeked thrush-1
Swanison’s Thrush-1
American robin-1
Lincoln’s sparrow-2



Male Tennessee Warbler.

Tennessee Warbler-1

Female Common Yellowthroat.

Common Yellowthroat-2

Older male American Redstart.

American Redstart-1
Magnolia Warbler-3

Big black cap – male Wilson’s Warbler.

Wilson’s Warbler-1

Female Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager-1
Northern Cardinal-1
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak-1

Indigo Bunting.

Recaps: 2
Black capped chickadee-1
Indigo bunting-1

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