May 29th, 2006


I trundled in just after dawn and opened a few nets – #’s 2,4,6 and 10. Didn’t get much (NOWA, REVI, 2 TRFL, and a GRCA). It got hot really quickly which stifled movement. Mine if not so much the birds. Lots of cuckoos (both flavours) about.

I found a dead nestling Eastern Bluebird by the cemetery this afternoon. It looked big enough to fledge. Not sure what got it.

Liz will be in early (well, for her) to cut the River Trail tomorrow before we get shut down due to heat, humidity and air quality warnings. I’ll see what I can do with the net lanes. Probably not much.

I’m in Burlington this week and won’t be back on the computer here until Friday night.

Oh, 11 ticks today. Seems like a banner year for them.



When opening this morning there was a complete lack of migrants singing and no visible movement of passerines in the hedge rows. A complete reversal from yesterday. The first 2 net rounds yielded very little but as the morning wore on a few birds kept appearing in the nets so by close down it had been another decent day.

A Great Egret was seen flying up Spring Creek.

Banded: YBFL 2, TRFL 3 (3 WILLOW), GCTH 2, SWTH 5, GRCA 2, REVI 1, MAWA 1, BLPW 1, OVEN 1, COYE 2, WIWA 1, INBU 1, RWBL 2, COGR 1= 26

Selkirk will be closed Thursday June 1st, I have an 8:30 am dental appointment in Hamilton to fix a problem that occured earlier in May.

T- 65 and counting.


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