May 4th, 2006

A reminder: Interpretations for the four-letter AOU codes used to identify birds in the banding reports can be looked up by clicking on the link “Interpret Four Letter Alpha Codes” to the right of this post.


The weather was “unsettled” throughout the morning: cloudy then sunny then cloudy again. Even got a few sprinkles around 9:30 before it partially cleared again. There were two new species around this morning: Eastern White-crowned Sparrows and Great Crested Flycatcher. Spring was in the air – there were lots of singing birds and lots of chases. And of course, when there’s chases, there’s birds going into nets. All the Yellow Warblers were caught two at a time in the same nets. And the 3 Warbling Vireos encountered were caught at the same time in Net 8. Two ASY Orchard Orioles were chasing each other around the site. Yes, love WAS in the air.

Banded 36: 3 HOWR, 2 WAVI, 1 NAWA, 8 YWAR, 1 MYWA, 1 RBGR, 1 CHSP, 1 SOSP, 3 WTSP, 6 EWCS, 3 RWBL, 6 AMGO.

Retrapped 11: 1 TRES, 1 BCCH, 1 AMRO, 1 WAVI, 2 YWAR, 1 CHSP, 1 SOSP, 2 WTSP, 1 AMGO.

Some of the retraps were interesting: two male YWAR’s – one banded May of ’05, the other August of ’04; a male AMRO banded May ’04; and the highlight – a WAVI banded August ’99 (and not encountered again since then).


Below are two photos of Dr. John Triggs’ archaeology class doing some field work. They are from Laurier and are doing a 6-week field course.

Some people were wondering how Brian was able to maintain his pudgy good looks in spite of all the physical exercise he gets wandering around banding. Well, I discovered his secret – a cookie stash hidden in the microwave!!

As soon as Marilynn heard about the cookies she dashed out of her office, jumped on the golf cart (no bicycle for this woman!), and made for the banding lab. In her zeal, she mistook the lab for a drive-through.


Bird numbers continue to drop in the banding area although a few new birds are arriving daily. It was tough sleding to have a decent day but we made it and even had a goody to really make the day worthwhile.

Banded: LEFL 1, RCKI 2, VEER 1, HETH 1, WOTH 1, AMRO 2, GRCA 1, NAWA 1, YWAR 1, WPWA 1, HOWA 1 (male), LISP 1, WTSP 6, EWCS 1, COGR 2, AMGO 1=25


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