A new banding season, and our first banding reports


We put the nets up today – and what a beautiful day it was! We ran #1 and #2 while we were setting up and ended up banding 30 birds: 2 DOWO, 2 BCCH, 1 SOSP, 2 SCJU, 23 AMGO. Had 10 TUSW go over as well and a TRES checking out the box by #5.

The Chorus Frogs were going full throttle as well.

We’re now all set to get the Spring Banding Season going starting on Saturday, April 1st (no fooling!).



What a difference a location makes!!!!! At Selkirk I was hard presseed to band 3 SOSP.
Caught 2 of them when closing down.

100’s of TUSW going over along the lake. GHOW amd WITU vocal when walking in. A WTSP was chattering near the end of the long boardwalk. Since I had not heard nor seen one this spring so far it is hard to determine if it was a wintering one or an early arrival.


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