October 5th, 2006


In a welcome change from the recent rain and heavy wind Thursday morning at Ruthven was fairly clear, fairly still, and, most importantly, fairly bandable. The effects of the heavy recent rains were apparent at the station as the creek along the Carolinian Trail had burst it’s banks at Net 10, and there were large pools of standing rain water all through the lawn around the station.

There was much bird activity, particularly in the morning. Diversity was low however, with only 33 species being encountered.

Banded 107: RCKI 11, BRCR 3, AMGO 17, GCKI 2, CSWA, MYWA 31, SCJU, SWSP, LISP, REVI, WTSP 14, HETH 13, SOSP 5, EWCS 5, GRCA

Retrapped 4: BCCH, AMGO, DOWO, NOCA


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