October 9th, 2006


A heavy blanket of fog covered the area for much of the morning. The sun finally burned through at 10:00 am. There were a few migrants around in the early portion of the day but when temperatures surpassed 20C they became less active.

Banded 61: AMGO 15, RCKI 14, MYWA 6, SCJU 2, WIWR, BHVI, WTSP 20, EWCS, HETH

Retrapped 14: AMGO 2, RCKI 4, BCCH 3, SOSP 3, WTSP 2

The retrap total does not included Ruby-crowned Kinglets (RCKIs) banded and recaptured the same day. I believe we recaptured more than half of the RCKI banded earlier in the morning. Some multiple times…..

Apparently MENSA has no RCKI members.

In a distressing turn of events it seems that the Pope is suffering from Avian Flu. The ailing pontiff is said to have caught it from a cardinal….



Basically a quiet day at Selkirk. Kinglets were in the area but not in in the net lanes. A few thousand blackbirds were going west but well over the tree tops.

Banded; BLJA 1, GCKI 2, RCKI 4, HETH 1, AMRO 1, NAWA 1, BTBW 1, NOCA 1, SOSP 1, WTSP 5 = 18


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