Photo Update!

While I was away, Rick has been managing the blog. However, he hasn’t been able to post photos. All the missed photos from the past 1.5 weeks are below. Click the thumbnails for a larger image. Enjoy!


April 19th

Ruthven’s new weather station, which Rick, the resident meteorology nerd, really likes. The station was painstakingly assembled ans setup by Pat Mousseau.
Apr19-08 001.jpgApr19-08 002.jpg

A male Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Apr19-08 003.jpg

The Next Generation: Caleb, Hannah, Ezra, Giovanni, & Jonathon.
Apr19-08 004.jpg

Hannah with a Field Sparrow.
Apr19-08 005.jpg

Giovanni with a Tree Swallow.
Apr19-08 008.jpg

Ezra with a Field Sparrow.
Apr19-08 010.jpg

Jonathon with a Dark-eyed Junco.
Apr19-08 013.jpg

Caleb with a Brown-headed Cowbird.
Apr19-08 011.jpg

The families on their best behavior.
Apr19-08 014.jpg

The families acting normal.
Apr19-08 015.jpg

A Tree Swallow.

Rick with the Next Generation Club.
future banders.jpg

April 17th

A Red-winged Blackbird.

A female Brown Headed Cowbird.

This story is from Cheryl-Anne:
On my way home from the banding lab this afternoon, I was driving along the river road toward Caledonia and just as I got to McClung park I saw a large bird flying toward me. I’d passed a largish flock of about 8 or so Turkey Vultures so didn’t think too much of it but as I got closer I caught a glimpse of white on the head and thought Osprey and immediately realised my error as we rapidly approached one another. It was about 50 feet away at tree height and I realised with a flip of the butterflies in my tummy that it was a Bald Eagle!! I was able to stop (likely none to safely) and saw it fly above my car , perfectly framed in my moon roof and franticly got my camera out but by the time I was out of the car, it had flown toward the river and over the trees of McClung park and had landed in the trees across the river. I turned around and went into the park and stopped right at the edge of the river and watched it perch for about 15 minutes. I was hoping it would get up and fly but it didn’t and I had someplace to be. I took pictures of it sitting across the river, but it’s just a bird shaped blob…only 2.2 megapixels in my digital and not a good enough zoom.

The last time I saw a Bald Eagle I was at Long Point I think and I’ve been living in this area all my life and never seen one so close to home! I was shocked, and I was a bit surprised that I was the only one stopping to look as it as it was flying right along Caithness about 50 feet or so up.

April 20th

Brian pontificating to Mitch on the intricacies of moult limits.
Apr20-08 001.jpg

The willow just starting to leaf out.
Apr20-08 002.jpg

Brian, looking pensive (and perseverating on the intricacies of moult limits).
Apr20-08 003.jpg

Finally, here is another one of the Campanellis. This one was taken after Giovanni was awarded the Ross Thompson Trophy for 2007 at the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club meeting on April 7th. This award is presented to a person under the age of 18 who sees the most species of birds in the Hamilton Study Area in a particular year. Giovanni, who is only 11, saw an impressive 132 species to win the award! (His brother Ezra came close with 128.) This is a wonderful achievement for both boys and we offer our sincerest congratulations.

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  1. rick,
    thank you for your support of the boys’ birding.
    and thank you for your hospitality whenever we make it out to ruthven. see you and the friends of ruthven in may.
    ann and lorenzo

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