Selkirk – August 12th, 2006

Back on line after being down for a week. However being closed 5 days in there means not too much has gone unreported. Had a great time during the week at Haliburton. Spent nearly 1/2 the time in the local garages due to various auto problems. Ended up driving home with a patched rad hose which let go completely near Newmarket. Then it was fill the rad every 30-50 km. Great fun!

The 12th was a quiet day at Selkirk. Nothing compared to the 200+ banding days reported last week in NE. Ontario. Even Toronto Island had a good drop of Warblers today, around 15 species.

Banded: DOWO 1, HOWR 2, GRCA 1, CEDW 1, LAWA 1, (only Selkirk’s 3rd ever, an HY F), OVEN 1, AMGO 3 = 10.


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