Selkirk – August 13th, 2006

A bit more around on the 13th than on the 12th.

Banded: TRFL 2, LEFL 1, HOWR 1, GRCA 1, CEDW 2, BLBW 1, CHSP 1, SOSP 8, BAOR 1, AMGO 4 = 22

Due to health problems Selkirk will not be operating on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. Operation will be entirely dependable on volunteer help with yours truly supervising only. The 20 minute walk in has become a trudge of 40-60 minutes. For nearly the past month I have had an ongoing upset stomach. Just sitting I sweat in the chest and throat area so I must have a fever.

At times I cough so hard I see stars. Saturday I blanked out during one such session, took a hard tumble, bruised my knee and may now have water on the knee. I have developed a good case of poison ivy on my legs that is not responding to normal medical treatment. To top it all off I am teething of all crazy things and have a sore and scratched tongue from the sharp edge of the new tooth which makes swallowing painful.

Over all I find I just do not want to move when sitting.


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