September 25th – Moving On

Today’s crew was kept fairly busy: Liam, Sam, Renessa, Maggie. -DOL

We banded on 3 fronts this morning to see what was around: the Farm, Lowville, and a new site at Redeemer University (Dr. David Hoekman is working with Faye and Caleb to a)determine what birds are moving through the site and b)establish banding as a part of some field courses.)

The mixed results were interesting: good numbers at Lowville (aided by the arrival of White-throated Sparrows) and Redeemer (considering they were running just 2 nets) but disappointing results at the Farm (south of Lake Ontario).

While not banding birds, the crew went looking for minnows…….. and log rolling. -DOL

Lowville – banded 31:
1 Downy Woodpecker

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. -LET

1 Yellow-bellied flycatcher
1 Black-capped Chickadee
2 Ruby-crowned Kinglets
2 Swainson’s Thrushes
1 Gray Catbird
1 Myrtle Warbler

Always a treat: Black-throated Green Warbler. -LET

1 Black-throated Green Warbler
1 Western Palm Warbler

Olive-coloured upper tail coverts indicate that this is a female American Redstart. -LET

1 American Redstart
3 Common Yellowthroats

Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak – after trying to take a hunk of Liam’s finger. -LET

1 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
4 Song Sparrows
10 White-throated Sparrows
1 Dark-eyed Junco (the 1st of the migration)

Green Darner. -LET

ET’s: 40 spp.

Redeemer – banded 9:
1 Downy Woodpecker
1 Black-capped Chickadee
1 Carolina Wren
1 American Robin
1 Song Sparrow
2 Blackpoll Warblers
2 Northern Cardinals

The Farm – banded 4:
3 American Goldfinches
1 Common Yellowthroats

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