April 20th – Getting By

[Lise Balthazar has been a long-time follower of the blog and, during Snow Bunting season, regularly contributes her sightings and photos. I was delighted to get her note on how she and partner Nat have been dealing with the restrictions of the lock-down.]

Coltsfoot – one of the earliest wildflowers. -NC

Things are really not going well, right now; doom and gloom everywhere.
It’s easy to lose hope when the future is so uncertain, when we don’t
even know when we’ll be able to see family members again, let alone have
a semi-normal life.

Nat and I have been taking walks lately and we have come to fully
appreciate where we live; we are all so lucky to be able to step
outside, hear the birds, feel the breeze.

We have seen the light green buds on the branches, the velvety moss on
the logs and rocks on the forest floor, butterflies fluttering around
and of course, we have seen many, many birds from the cheerful Robin to
the majestic Pileated.

One morning, we came across this little yellow flower, growing by the
side of the road, through the gravel and leaf mold. It was glowing, like
a small beacon of light. It seemed to say; “don’t despair, if I can do
it, so can you!”. I was so moved by it!

I’m sending you Nat’s picture of that little flower (Coltsfoot). I hope
you can print it and put it in a spot where you can see it everyday. I
also hope that it will bring you a gleam of light and hope in all this

Let’s all stay safe.

Love, Lise

Sunrise gilds the treetops at Lowville. -DOL

..and sunrise through the trees at the pond. -DOL

Meanwhile people are getting out and about, taking in the world around them…and getting some neat pictures:

Black-capped Chickadees have carved out territories and males are in full breeding condition. -KMP

A fashion statement? Or early morning-in-the-dark confusion? -MMG

Male Blue-winged Teal; a pair have been on the pond off and on for the past two weeks. -KMP

As soon as the temperatures began to climb at the end of March the Mourning Cloaks emerged. I wonder what the forecast snow will do for them….. -KMP

Cabbage White Butterfly -KMP

Goose nest, complete with eggs, not more than 30 m from the banding hut door. -KMP

A very interesting find: female Midland Painted Turtle. -KMP

Nothing like a Sandhill Crane exploding from the tall grass not more than 6 meters away to scare the bejeezus out of you. -MMG

The new “official” sign. -DOL

Swamp Sparrow photographed, very appropriately, in the swamp. -MMG

Tree Swallows have been checking out all the nest boxes we put up. Hopefully they will provide some shelter against the coming snow. -KMP

White-breasted Nuthatches have been busy at the feeders. -KMP


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