September 22nd – A Nice (Summer) Day

Ben Oldfield (with mom Stephanie) back in 2013. -DOL

Ben 10 years later with Aranya, another “grad”. Ben is now a police officer in Halton and Aranya, armed with a Master’s, is working for WWF. -DOL

A beautiful, sunshiny day; birds on the move; and old friends – a nice way to spend a day. Birds weren’t plentiful but they were steady in small numbers.

Aranya hadn’t banded in a couple of years but…it was like riding a bike and she quickly dispelled the rust. -DOL

Banded 29:
1 Red-eyed Vireo
1 Black-capped Chickadee
1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
5 House Wrens
1 Marsh Wren
7 White-throated Sparrows
4 Song Sparrows
2 Lincoln’s Sparrows
3 Swamp Sparrows
4 Common Yellowthroats
ET’s: 30 spp.

The Iyer family: Mohan Iditi, and Aranya. Mohan used the pandemic time to get a degree in horticulture. He’s going to walk me through growing Gray Dogwood from seed…. -DOL

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