April 21st, 2006


Pretty quiet at first light but a few WTSP were calling. First net run was very productive but things started to ease off as the morning progressed. By early afternoon the birds basically had left the banding area.

Banded: HOWR 1, WIWR 2, GCKI 1, RCKI 16, HETH 17, AMRO 1, BRTH 1, CHSP 1, SOSP 7, SWSP 6, WTSP 29, SCJU 11, RWBL 1, BHCO 3, AMGO 3 = 100

STD 923

On the way out near where we park a BTNW was singing.



There was been a change of birds at Ruthven, evident by the few numbers of retrapped birds. We had only 4 today. There were a few more Yellow-rumped Warblers and White-throated Sparrows around, but still no great numbers of anything. There was a cool east wind, and it was spitting rain on and off all morning, but not enough rain to really wet the nets.

We counted 18 Common Loons this morning! (All within half an hour, starting just before 6am standard time. Most heading N, or NE, some following the river, but a couple were heading W).

Brian had a group of about 12 students from Cayuga High School’s Ecology Club, so we had a full house for a couple of hours in the morning. It was nice that the birds and weather cooperated for this demonstration!

Banded 23 as follows: 1 BCCH, 3 RCKI, 1 AMRO, 4 MYWA, 1 CHSP, 1 FISP, 3 WTSP, 1 PUFI, and 8 AMGO.

Retrapped 4 birds: 2 BCCH, 1 SCJU, and 1 AMGO.

One of the Chickadees has been trapped over 50 times! He was first banded in March of 2002. (We get so that we recognise the 9 digit band number of some of these characters!)


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