Barn Owls breeding in Haldimand County

From Bird Studies Canada’s recent newsletter:

“15 February 2008 – Finally some exciting news on the Barn Owl front in Ontario: in the fall of 2007, a breeding pair was discovered in Haldimand County. They fledged two young successfully. This was a great discovery, as there have been only three confirmed breeding pairs in southern Ontario over the past 20 years. Despite dramatic declines in their native grassland habitat, there are still scattered reports of Barn Owls in the region. Barn Owls are ghostly white underneath, and have beautiful golden-beige flecked upperparts. They have a wonderfully buoyant, moth-like flight as they hunt over rough grassland looking for voles and other small mammals. Your sightings are very important for Barn Owl conservation. Please contact the Barn Owl Recovery Team ( if you see a Barn Owl in Ontario, including any road killed birds.”

One thought on “Barn Owls breeding in Haldimand County

  1. Woww…..
    Just came across your thing…was surprised to read your story.
    Actually think it is wrong.
    We have had a pair here in the barn for a long time.
    And even in our garage…might be offsprings from our barn couple.

    Either way…..if you don’t bother them they stick around and come back.

    I had seen an article in the Dunnville paper once about barn owls and they wanted to hear if we knew of any.
    Never called them.
    Last thing I want is people coming over and bothering our little couple.

    But they are here and healthy.

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