Pictures from May 18th

Here are a few pictures from May 18th, taken by Rick Ludkin. They’re Rick’s captions too.

Matt and Madelaine with a good haul.
May18-2008 001.jpg

Matt’s sister Grace.
May18-2008 005.jpg
May18-2008 011.jpg

Matt’s mom, Pattie.
May18-2008 007.jpg

Red Sky in morning–before the rain on the 18th.
May18-2008 009.jpg

Mom & Daughter (the latter from Vancouver), regular visitors to Ruthven over the past year.
May18-2008 003.jpg
May18-2008 002.jpg

Matt & Mitch working on an ID…blind leading the blind?
May18-2008 010.jpg

A Female Golden-winged Warbler, banded on the 18th.
May18-2008 013.jpg

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