September 23rd – Banding In A Rice Paddy

A week ago this net lane was just about dry….. -DOL

To give you some perspective: this is the main pond at the Farm last September – completely dry. -MMG

The huge amount of rain we’ve had over the last few days has inundated the countryside: our pond is higher than it was in the Spring; our trails are under water in many spots; a couple of the net lanes are inaccessible unless you have hip waders; and the river is approaching bank full and is still rising. And the rain is forecast to keep coming. Almost everywhere you walk, water squelches underfoot. Along with the rain is the wind – strong and blustery and out of the south. Lousy conditions for migration. So we opened late – after the rain slacked off – and limited our netting, closing when the wind got stronger. So the 6 birds we banded were a plus!

Two Mute Swans grace the river. Probably the two that have spent the Summer between York and Caledonia; taking a little cruise on the high, fast-flowing river. Note how high the water level is. -DOL

We came across 6 tiny snapping turtles which were trying to make their way to the pond. We gave them a helping hand; hopefully we’ll see a slightly larger version of them next Spring/Summer. -JDF

Banded 6:
1 Carolina Wren

The latest vireo migrant: Blue-headed Vireo. -MMG

1 Blue-headed Vireo
1 Gray Catbird
1 Magnolia Warbler
2 Common Yellowthroats

ET’s: 31 spp.

The first picnic christening of the picnic table. [Catered by Joanne] -JDF

And this news note from northern Ontario – Hilliardton Marsh, near New Liskeard:
Hi folks,
We are experiencing an above average black capped chickadee irruption this fall. We have had net checks of plus 20 and have banded close to 100 this fall. You may want to consider this when planning your volunteer schedules. Hope this finds everyone well. Orange crowns [warblers] have just showed up here which is usually the last warbler to go through and white-crowned sparrows are now here, so our diversity is starting to ebb away.
All the best,
Bruce murphy

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