August 24 – Unexpectedly Busy!

To escape from a busy life of packing in preparation for our move to Windsor at the end of the week, Chris and I were excited to join Nancy for a “relaxing” day of banding. We ended up with just the opposite! We had a steady influx of birds from the time the nets were opened (Nancy did this around 5:45) until 10:30. In total we ended up handling 93 birds (in 35 species) – a much higher number than we have been seeing lately. Thanks to Faye, Mike, James and Matt – we were able to keep up with busy day because we had such a great group. The included 6 “firsts” for the season – Wilson’s Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, Cape May Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Bay-breasted Warbler, and Yellow-throated Vireo. The pair of Yellow-throated Vireos (an adult female and a juvenile) were a treat as we band very few of these each year (only 3 in total were banded in 2009). Looking forward to what the next few days will bring!

Banded 71:
7 Magnolia Warblers
14 American Goldfinches
2 Wilson’s Warblers
2 Tennessee Warblers
1 Cape May Warbler
2 Chestnut-sided Warblers
1 Nashville Warbler
1 American Redstart
3 “Traills” Flycatchers
2 Common Yellowthroats
4 Warbling Vireos
3 Black and White Warblers
4 Chipping Sparrows
1 Black-capped Chickadee
1 Northern Waterthrush
1 Mourning Warbler
1 House Wren
1 Bay-breasted Warbler
1 Indigo Bunting
1 Red-eyed Vireo
1 Yellow-throated Vireo
1 House Finch
4 Song Sparrows
1 Scarlet Tanager
2 Cedar Waxwings
1 White-breasted Nuthatch
1 Great-crested Flycatcher
2 American Robin
1 Blue Jay
4 Mourning Doves

Retrapped 22:1 American Goldfinch
2 Chipping Sparrows
1 Blue-winged Warbler
6 Black-capped Chickadees
1 Eastern Wood Pewee
1 Yellow-throated Vireo
1 Eastern Tufted Titmouse
4 Song Sparrows
1 White-breasted Nuthatch
1 Downey Woodpecker
1 Gray Catbird
2 Mourning Doves

ET’s: 53 spp.


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