December 12th – Dealing with the Cold Weather

After 3 days of very cold temperatures made worse by high winds (up to 70 km/hr) it was nice to get out this morning under clear sunny skies and moderate winds and temperature. The birds were all busy, taking advantage of this turn in the weather to hit the feeders and make up for lost calories as well as prepare for nasty weather to come.
We opened the two “feeder nets” as well as a couple of traps to take advantage of the avian traffic and had a reasonably good catch:

Banded 47:
6 Mourning Doves
1 White-breasted Nuthatch
8 American Tree Sparrows
9 House Finches
23 American Goldfinches

Retrapped 21:
4 Downy Woodpeckers
1 Black-capped Chickadee
2 American Tree Sparrows (both banded last winter – this is their winter home)
1 White-throated Sparrow
2 Dark-eyed Juncos
9 American Goldfinches


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