December 8th – Answers to Peter’s Questions/Comments

If you check the ‘Comments’ on the November 17th missive, you will see some tough questions posed by Peter Thoem. Now Peter, who is a municipal politico in Burlington, comes out semi-regularly during the migration season to help us by doing the census – and it’s a big help, especially when there’s a lot of visitors and he can draw some of them off. He even identifies a few birds (often correctly), which is a help as well. Now I say “semi-regularly” because his professed committment to come out EVERY Sunday during the migration season somehow got changed, in actual practice, to the OCCASIONAL Sunday. The reason for this is unclear but seems to have something to do with staying home with his wife (who, if truth be told, would probably prefer that he go to Ruthven).
Anyway, in somewhat of a pique he fired off some questions regarding my banding “addiction”. (I think he’s feeling a little guilty…..)
Banding in ALL seasons should be seen as the pure pursuit of knowledge and, therefore, commendable. It shouldn’t be written off as an “addiction” (this was probably written when he was well into his usual evening scotches…).
In response to his questions:
Do I “look inappropriately at frozen chickens in Loblaws?” No. Only with gustatory excitement.
Do I “get anxious at the sight of “ordinary” pliers?” I would remind Peter that “ordinary” pliers come with a peg for opening bands and small holes for closing bands. So, no, I don’t. It’s the other ones that make me nervous.
Does my wife “catch me trying to read the number on her wedding band?” No, usually I’m too busy trying to get the one out of my nose….(fortunately she doesn’t often read the blog).
“Do I really enjoy volleyball, waiting for someone to get caught in the net?” Yes but only if it’s an opposition player.
So while Peter suggests that I acknowledge that I have a “problem”, I would suggest to him that his message is really a cry for help on his part suggesting that he needs to get away. So, hey Peter, shake off those shackles for a few hours and come out and do a census anytime – the information is useful and will be valuable over time. And you can begin to feel good about yourself again.


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