Guest Book and Discussion Board

This link will take you to the new Haldimand Bird Oberservatory Guest Book and Discussion Board.

This page is going to serve a few purposes:
1. A Guest Book – We are interested in knowing some more about you, our blog visitors. We would appreciate it if you take a moment to leave a comment in our Guest Book telling us who you are, where you are from, how you happened upon this site, and what you think of it.
2. A Species Reporting/Discussion Board – We would like to know about the flora and fauna you observe while you are visiting any of the Haldimand Bird Observatory banding station sites. There are seperate discussion boards for Birds, Plants, Herpetiles (Amphibians and Reptiles), Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths), and Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies).

Registration is not required for posting on this board. If you are prompted for a username while posting, use your own name (and you won’t be prompted for a password). Further instructions for posting are provided in the ‘Haldimand Admin’ posts which appear in each section of the board.

If you take pictures while visiting our banding station sites and would like to post them but do not know how, email your pictures to jeffmacleod’at’ (replace ‘at’ with @). You can post any text you would like to see on the board yourself, and the pictures will be integrated into your post for you (the text could also be posted for you if you like). Please take pictures–they always make posts more interesting!

Peter Thoem, a volunteer at Ruthven, has posted some good examples of what this board could be used for under the ‘Birds’ and ‘Plants’ Species Reporting Boards. Go check it out here.

A link to the discussion board site will be added to links section of this blog

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