May 11th, 2006

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Upon awakening before dawn I was greeted by heavy rain and thunder so I did what any sensible bander does under these conditions and went promptly back to sleep.

Arriving at Ruthven a couple of hours later I found that the rain had stopped and, despite the dire prognostications of the local weather gurus, it actually looked like it was going to remain bandable for a while at least. I consequently hurriedly opened a few nets and scuttled off for a quick census…were I suffered dramatic blood loss to herds of ravenous mosquitoes.

The nets stayed up for a few hours before the deluge came, but there was not a lot of action.

Retrapped 4: SOSP, COYE 2, DOWO

Observed a female YWAR carrying either food or nesting material.



It was raining pretty good when I got up and the weather channel was calling for heavy rains until at least mid day. So I was in no hurry to do anything than to catch up on some sleep. The radar indicated a 4-5 hour window so we left for the park shortly after 6 as the rain had stopped. Everything was operational by 7:30 and it was pleasant morning with the sun breaking out. At 12 the west was getting pretty black so we closed. As we were walking back to the banding lab after closing the last net it started to sprinkle and got heavier before we were able to leave.

For a shortened day a pretty decent day.
Banded: RCKI 3, SWTH 2. WOTH 2, GRCA 7, BHVI 1, NAWA 1, YWAR 1, MAWA 4, MYWA 3, OVEN 3, COYE 1, CAWA 1, RBGR 1, FISP 1, LISP 4, WTSP 5 = 40

Selkirk has had a real run on WTSP this spring. The previous best spring was 306, this spring the total banded is almost if not already over 370.


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