October 18th &19th, 2006

Ruthven, October 19th

Another dull and dreary day, but the rain forecasted for the morning held off long enough for a few busy hours. I closed in a steady mist that turned into rain at 10 o’clock.

Banded 72: 1 OCWA (1st for fall) 1 BCCH, 1 BRCR, 3 GCKI, 11 RCKI, 6 HETH, 1 GRCA, 11 MYWA, 1 VESP (rather a surprise!), 3 SOSP, 13 WTSP, 6 SCJU, and 14 AMGO.

Retraped 8: 1 RCKI, 2 HETH, 1 BHVI, 1 MYWA, 2 WTSP, 1 AMGO.


Selkirk, October 19th

The forecasted over night and morning rain did not materialize but appeared to have gone north and east of Selkirk. Consequently we got most of the morning in but another storm out of Ohio moved in just after noon so we closed early.

Bird wise we started off with a SY M SSHA but it was tough sledding after that. A few kinglets moved into the banding area late in the morning. so we did end up with a decent day.

Banded: SSHA 1, BRCR 1, GCKI 18, RCKI 6 = 26


Selkirk, October 18th

After yesterday’s rain out we had a basically mild day with relatively light winds. Bird wise it was a reasonable good day.

Banded: SSHA 1, NSWO 1, BLJA 1, BRCR 7, WIWR 1, GCKI 26, RCKI 20, AMRO 7, BHVI 2, SOSP 3, WTSP 7, EWCS 1 = 77.

After a good summer Selkirk has not banded an AMGO since September 19th.


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