Selkirk – September 5th, 2006

Another pretty decent day at Selkirk today.

Banded: SSHA 1, MODO 1, LEFL 1, BCCH 1, HOWR 1, SWTH 4, GRCA 1, REVI 6, NAWA 1, MAWA 2, CMWA 1, BTBW 1, BLPW 1, AMRE 4, COYE 1, SCTA 1, SOSP 1, LISP, AMGO 9 = 39

I keep forgetting to mention a MODO that was banded last week. MODO normal have 4 toes. We caught 1 that had 5 toes on one foot and 6 toes on the other.
The right foot had 4 toes coming off the foot but the back toe at the last joint had two tips of a toe come out of the last joint. Each section (appendices) had a fully developed toe nail. This toe had the appearance of a “Y”.
The left leg had the normal 3 front toes but there were 3 complete toes side by side where the 4th side toe should be. Also the leg itself was enlarged (for the extra tendons??) so that a 3A band would not close.


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