Selkirk – September 7th, 2006

Steven advises there was a good flight over the Vineland area around midnight and I heard several thrushes in the morning twilight but these birds for the most part seemed to have avoided the netting area today. Banding numbers were up slightly and there was a better selection of warblers present but not a single thrush banded today!!!

Banded: MODO 2, LEFL 1, BCCH 3, REVI 4, NAWA 1, CSWA 5, MAWA 8, BTBW 3, MYWA 1, BAWW 1, AMRE 1, OVEN 2, COYE 1, CAWA 1, NOCA 1, SOSP 1, AMGO 8 = 44

Good numbers of large dragon flies continue to move west today.


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