September 20th – 24th

September 24th, 2006


Another very slow day at Selkirk, a little breezy but a sunny morning after several showery days. Varitety but certainally no numbers in the banding area.

Banded: BCCH 1, RCKI 1, GCTH 1, BHVI 1, MAWA 1, BTBW 1, MYWA 1, AMRE 1, OVEN 1= 9


September 23rd, 2006


We had a good day at Ruthven, despite the dismal weather forecast. Yes it was damp, but more of heavy mist than rain. The mosquitoes were more of a deterrent than the weather! The numbers were down from Friday, but the big difference was in numbers of Goldfinches banded. (Only 3 today, 23 yesterday) We handled 27 species today, (including a hatch year male Northern Parula, a very handsome bird!)

Banded 37: 1 NOPA, 1 MODO, 1 EAWP, 1 BCCH, 1 RCKI, 1 GCTH, 1 GRCA, 2 REVI, 1 TEWA, 1 NAWA, 2 MAWA, 2 BTNW, 2 BLPW, 2 AMRE, 1 OVEN, 3 COYE, 1 WIWA, 2 INBU, 2 CHSP, 2 SOSP, 2 LISP, 1 WTSP, 1 HOSP, and 3 AMGO.

Retrapped 12: 1 BLJA, 2 BCCH, 1 GRCA, 1 PHVI, 2 REVI, 1 TEWA, 1 MAWA, 1 NOCA, 1 WTSP, 1 AMGO.


A soggy morning to start. More a on and off mist than a good rain storm but it cleared off. with the sun out by noon.

Bird wise very little around all morning in the banding area but the large Dragon Flies, Monarchs and Red Admirals were going through in number.

Banded: RCKI 1, SWTH 1, BRTH 1, NAWA 1, MAWA 2, MYWA 3, BRNW 1, LISP 1 =11.

Mike Postma, the park superintend, was out to day and had a look at the large white pine that is now down to about a 40o angle to the ground in the hard woods that I have expressed concerns to the park contractor for the past couple of years as the lean has been getting worst. I understand a profession tree cutter has been engaged to remove this safety hazard. Perhaps as early as tommorrow afternoon.


September 22nd, 2006


It was a mostly cloudy day, with a bonus, no wind; therefore, relatively few leaves!
What a rewarding day for banding! 26 bird species handled today, including thirteen species of warblers!

The first Slate Coloured Junco was spotted on the grounds.

Banded 72: 3 BCCH, 1 HOWR, 1 SWTH, 1 WOTH, 5 GRCA, 1 BHVI, 5 REVI, 2 TEWA, 4 CSWA, 7 MAWA, 1 CMWA, 1 BTBW, 1 BTGW, 2 BLBW, 2 BLPW, 3 OVEN, 1 COYE, 1 INBU, 4 WTSP, 23 AMGO, 1 OCWA, 1 NOPA, and 1 HAWO.

Retrapped 9: 1 DOWO, 2 BCCH, 1 WBNU, 1 REVI, 1 BLPW, 1 AMRE, 1 INBU, and 1 AMGO.


The big item of interest at Selkirk today was a massive monvement of D.C. Cormorants going west along the Lake Erie shore line.When I got out to the tip on census I noticed a termendous flock of DCCO that extended fro horizon to horizon and just kept coming for several minutes. Massive more continued to move just above the water. All told it took nearly 20 minutes for this massive flight to go by. Smaller groups continued to come through, 3-4 groups of 75-100 in the air at once was a drop in the bucket from the large group the preceeded them. I conservatively estimate 20,000 DCCO went by while I was there. The birds continued to move through in small groups for most of the day.

Banding wise only about 1/2 the number of birds noticed that were present yesterday.

Banded: DOWO 2, WIWR 1, GCKI 1, RCKI 1, GRCA 3, TEWA 1, NAWA 4, AMRE 5 COYE 1 = 19


September 21st, 2006


I opened a couple of nets midday for a group of Grade 5 students visiting Ruthven Park for a tour of the mansion. Despite the time of day there was apparently a good selection of birds around, including the season’s (for Ruthven) first MYWA, CMWA and BHVI. In two hours I banded 16 birds of 8 species.

Banded 16: HOFI 2, REVI 2, BHVI, MYWA 2, CMWA, AMGO 3, MAWA 4, TEWA

Retrapped 3: TEWA, AMGO, BCCH



A few more birds around today although not as many raptors going over as yesterday. Overall a pretty decent day.

Banded: LEFL1, EAPH 1, BCCH 3, RCKI 1, SWTH 6, AMRO 3, GRCA 3, BHVI 1, REVI 2, NAWA 2, MAWA 8, MYWA 7, WPWA 1, BAWW 1 = 40


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