April 30th, 2006


April 30, 2001 was a red letter day at Selkirk. It was the first 200 bird day for any of the HBO stations when 206 birds were banded. Birds continued to move through the banding area all day, and It was close to 8 pm before I was able to head for home.

Today the bird movement dried up shortly after noon. We had a pleasant walk out looking at the flora and fauna. I was home shortly after 5 pm even with a lot of chit chat.
Banded: RBNU 1, HOWR 1, WIWR 1, RCKI 19, VEER 1, HETH 38, WOTH 1, AMRO 1, BHVI 1, MYWA 2, BTNW 1, WPWA 3, OVEN 2, COYE 1, SAVS 2, LISP 1, SWSP 7, WTSP 118, EWCS 2, SCJU 1, AMGO 2 =206!!!!!!!!!!!

STD 1400

Selkirk’s top 10 so far this spring

GCKI 242
WTSP 217
RCKI 164
SCJU 121
HETH 116



We had a busy morning with an influx of birds and an influx of visitors – McMaster’s 2nd year biodiversity class (or some of it) visited to get a sense of what we’re doing.

In some years when they’ve visited we’ve been hard pressed to scare up any birds for them to experience but not so this morning. We had a ‘push’ for about 3 hoiurs that netted us 56 birds banded (our highest total so far this season) and 8 retraps.

Banded (56): 1 TRES, 1 BLJA, 17 RCKI, 1 HETH, 6 MYWA, 3 CHSP, 1 SOSP, 1 SWSP, 16 WTSP, 3 RWBL, 1 PUFI, 5 AMGO.

Retraps: 1 TRES, 1 BLJA, 1 WBNU, 2 SOSP, 1 WTSP, 2 AMGO.

The retrapped TRES was interesting: it is the 2nd bird retrapped from a clutch of young birds banded at the same time from the same box on Indiana Road last June.


Mac student Naoya Kaneda learned very quickly how to scribe – the force was strong with him this day.

McMaster visitors: Rachel, Eric, Melannie, Jeremy, Sheila, and Naoya.

Below are more photos showing the McMaster students’ bird banding experience.

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