May 1st, 2006

Please note: New photos have been added to the April 30th blog entry. These photos were taken while the McMaster biodiversity class was at the banding station.


A fair number of migrants around early this morning, mostly WTSP but with a smattering of RCKI and MYWA too. Most of the action was centred around the ground traps at the front of the mansion with large numbers of sparrows in evidence. Only a single bird banded today was recaptured in the traps, which indicates a fairly steady movement of WTSP through the area.

By late morning when the temps hit 20+C action at the nets dried up.

The archaeology field course from Laurier (it is Laurier isn’t it?) started today as well, and the students began their site orientation.

In the butterfly front Red Admiral and Mourning Cloak were observed in amongst the ubiquitous Cabbage Whites.

For herps, a Grey Treefrog began calling around noon.

Banded 50: AMGO 11, BGGN, RCKI 6, CHSP 5, RBNU, WTSP 22. RWBL 2, AMRO 2
Retrapped 9: AMGO 3, RCKI, CHSP 2, AMRO 2, WTSP

One of the AMGO (2370-94067) does not appear to have been banded at Ruthven.



Monday was less robust repeat of Sunday. Again the birds disappeared from the park around the noon hour. Of note a male RBGR was on the oil sunflower feeder for some time while a LEFL was seen near the tip.

Banded: TRES 1, BLJA 4, HOWR 4, WIWR 5, RCKI 19, HETH 6, WOTH 2, AMRO 1, NAWA 1, MYWA 7, WPWA 2, COYE 1, CHSP 1, LISP 1, WTSP 35, EWCS 2= 92


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