May 12th, 2006

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Wellies were the footwear of choice today. I brought my raincoat, but fortunately did not need it. The wind was gusty by mid morning, and hampered net captures.

I was reluctant to open all the nets, as the sky still looked threatening, so I was happy with the 28 birds I banded for the day.

Banded 28 birds: 1 TRES, 1 AMRO, 1 GRCA, 1 NAWA, 3 YWAR, 1 CSWA,(season’s first) 1 MAWA, 3 MYWA, 1 RBGR, 1 INBU, 1 SOSP, 3 WTSP, 5 BAOR, 3 AMGO, and 2 OROR

Retrapped only 5!! 4 YWAR, and 1 BAOR.

We have banded 5 Orchard Orioles in 3 days! What magnificent birds!

I released unbanded an otherwise healthy looking Yellow Warbler, because he had such horny growths on his feet, and tarsus, that I would have needed at least a 1B or 1A band to fit around. Instead, I doused his feet with mineral oil, which is supposed to suffocate the mites that cause the growths. It would be interesting to see this bird again to see how he is fairing. You can’t mistake him, even without a band.



Off to an earlier start this morning but not too much was evident early. A few sparrows by the trailer ground traps seem to be where most of the action was. However, a few birds kept appearing in the nets and we ended up with another good day for Selkirk.

Of special note a Sedge Wren was singing in the sedge meadow near the j-trap on one round. Nothing compared to the White-winged Dove banded today at the tip of Long Point which is only about 15 miles as the crow flies from Selkirk.

Banded: MODO 1, RCKI 2, WOTH 3, AMRO 1, GRCA 4, YWAR 2, MAWA 1, BTBW 1, MYWA 1, WPWA 1, OVEN 1, NOCA 1, LISP 3, WTSP 21, EWCS 1, RWBL 3, AMGO 5 =52

STD 2102


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