May 13th, 2006 – International Bird Day!

Ruthven – Lots of photos!

We had a very fitting International Bird Day: highest banding total of the season to date (60) and most species encountered in one day so far this season 60 – this included 11 species of warblers. With the 25 retraps, we handled a total of 85 birds. Couldn’t have had them at a better time as we had many visitors and all had plenty of opportunity to get involved and see what happens at a banding station.

“New” birds for the season included: Eastern Kingbird, Red-eyed Vireo, Tennessee Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, American Redstart.

Banded 60: 1 MODO, 2 GCFL, 3 TRES, 3 WAVI, 1 TEWA, 1 NAWA, 17 YWAR, 12 MYWA, 1 BAWW, 3 COYE, 1 NOCA, 1 RBGR, 1 INBU, 1 RWBL, 4 BAOR, 2 OROR, 6 AMGO.

Retrapped 25: 2 DOWO, 1 TRES, 1 BLJA, 2 WAVI, 7 YWAR, 1 COYE, 1 RBGR, 3 SOSP, 4 BAOR, 1 OROR, 2 AMGO.


Photos (comments appear above photos):

Great Crested Flycatcher

Male Orchard Oriole

Male Common Yellowthroat

Female Black & White Warbler

2 male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds showing how they got their name.

Lisa Young holding a female Yellow-rumped Warbler.

The return of Kristen Thompson (Niwranski) – a volunteer from years ago – holding a Nashville Warbler.

Volunteer Emily Benedict with a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Allison Furber holding our first Tennessee Warbler of the season.

Loretta Mousseau congratulating (or maybe consoling) Irene Schmidt who came to Ruthven to celebrate her 86th(!) birthday by seeing the birds up close and personal. Irene is the one on the left.

Budding Bird Person, Stephany Acland, with a MYWA.

Budding Bird Person’s Mom, Frieda Adams, conversing with a stunning male Indigo Bunting.

A bunch of goofballs lounging around…


All good things must come to end and so it was at Sekirk. Todays effort was the poorest since April 28th. In between during a 14 day stretch 986 birds were banded, an average of 70 birds per day. Darn good by Selkirk’s standards.

Yesterday a Sedge Wren was calling from the sedge meadow, today from the cattails a Marsh Wren was calling.

Banded: RCKI 1, GRCA 2, YWAR 1, MYWA 1, BAWW 1, LISP 1, SWSP 1,WTSP 1 AMGO 4 = 13


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