October 6th-7th, 2006

Ruthven, October 7th

A full moon lighted the path joining the net lanes. Even in the dark there was commotion along the edges – White-throated Sparrows and Song Sparrows calling and moving about. It was cold with frost patches. We weren’t able to open Net #4 until the sun had been up for awhile. What a fabulous Fall day! In the Spring, beautiful cloudless days would translate into few to no birds. But not in October. It seems that in this month you will get good numbers of birds at Ruthven no matter what the weather.

Banded 124: 1 DOWO, 2 BCCH, 2 BRCR, 1 WIWR, 18 RCKI, 2 EABL, 8 HETH, 1 TEWA, 9 MYWA, 1 EATO, 1 FISP, 1 FOSP, 13 SOSP, 2 SWSP, 31 WTSP, 1 SCJU, 1 HOFI, 29 AMGO.

Retrapped 7: 1 HETH, 3 SOSP, 2 WTSP, 1 AMGO.


Selkirk, October 7th

As reported by Ruthven it was a clear moonlite night. I went out early to try for Northern Saw-whet Owl as John Dickie has seen one while opening the morning before but it was too bright. I did have an Eastern Screech Owl calling very near one of the east side hawthorn nets but it never found its way into a net.

Bird wise there seemed to be a fair bit around early but unlike our good morning of the 5th, reported earlier but not put on the blog, and a very good day yesterday today bird life died early and if it was not for a couple of small flocks of SCJU that appeared around noon we would have had a hard time reaching 30 birds today.

Banded: BLJA 1, GCKI 2, RCKI 10, AMRO 3, NAWA 1, BTNW 1, WTSP 1, SCJU 11 = 30.


Selkirk, October 6th

Finally a sunny day and NO RAIN!!!!!!While not quite as productive as yesterday the crew was kept busy with a fairly good day. When I left at noon there had not been a report of a RTHU but I did remove one from a net on the 5th. Last year the last one was noted on the 6th

The gang reports banding the following: SSHA 1, MODO 1, BLJA 2, BRCR 3, WIWR 3, GCKI 12, RCKI 34, SWTH 2, HETH 2, AMRO 2, NAWA 5, BTBW 2, MYWA 3, WTSP 4, SCJU 2 =78

FTD 2038


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