October 8th, 2006

Note: Selkirk’s October 3rd,4th,&5th banding reports are now posted below (I forgot about them earlier).


A decent day but no records set. Last year the corresponding Thanksgiving weekend generated over 600 birds banded at Selkirk on the Saturday and Sunday. This year the total banded at Selkirk for the same two days barely reached 75 birds. What a difference a year makes!!!!!!!

Banded today: MODO 1, BRCR 2, GCKI 11, RCKI 10, HETH 1, NAWA 2, MYWA 1, INBU 2, FOSP 1, SOSP 1, WTSP 2, SCJU 12 = 46



Another clear night with bright moon. There was not nearly as much activity around the nets as the previous day but still a respectable number of birds were caught.

Flocks of Cedar Waxwing, Common Grackle, and Red-winged Blackbird were evident just after dawn but these diminished as the day progressed.

A lone Greater Yellowlegs made a brief appearance as well.

Banded 55: RCKI 12, AMGO 10, GCKI 4, BRCR 2, MYWA 3, FISP, DOWO, WTSP 12, HETH 3, SOSP 2, CEDW 4, EWCS

Retrapped 12: BCCH 5, DOWO, RCKI 3, SOSP, HETH, RBWO

A tale of 3 Ruby-crowned Kinglets (RCKI) – All the retrapped RCKI were banded the previous day. One was exactly the same weight, one was 0.6 g heavier, the final was 0.6 g lighter. Net change = 0.


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